Lets Get Down To Business

February 7th, 2017 will mark the first day of GreatCoachesCover.com being activated. A site dedicated to bringing your computer screen 53,540 degrees of hot takes. A new sports site that will make sure to bring the truth to the people of the internet world. That Marshawn Lynch not receiving the ball on the one was an inside job by Pete Carroll and his 9/11 conspiracy brain and that NFL ratings slipped in 2016 because the people of America are still outraged by Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem. A new sports site that will most likely be active for a few months before we get bored and move on.

As of now, this is an army of one. Down the road, we should expect to throw a few more writers into the trenches, but for now it is yours truly holding down the fort. You can call me Guy. Not as in Guy Fieri ‘Americas chef’ but as in the guy who will take GreatCoachesCover.com to the top of the internet rankings. The guy who has led his Jacksonville Jaguars Madden 17 team to three straight Super Bowls and counting. The guy who peaked in high school and is now looking to match the same high as he did when he snuck in a water bottles full of vodka into the homecoming dance. The guy who was featured in the New York Post for making money off of daily fantasy sports and wore his best Eli Manning Ole Miss jersey for the photo shoot. The Jersey raised native guy who will give the scoop on what kind of conditioner McAdoo uses for his glistening hair and if Eli Manning deserves to be in the hall of fame (HINT: yes he does).

So sit back and enjoy the ride, as today history has been made. And as Professor Lambeu states in Good Will Hunting, “the gauntlet has been thrown down, but the faculty have answered, and answered, with vigor.”



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