Jackrabbit Pretty Much Calls Dez Bryant Predictable


NJ.com– “I played better than he played,” Jenkins told Dallas radio station 105.3 The Fan last week. “For real, though, to be honest, when you look at film and you break down your opponents and the receivers that you’re facing, you notice what they like to do. Take away the slant and the dig, and when they get in 21 personnel and Dez is inside the numbers, you take away the corner post. He doesn’t have nothing else.”

Jenkins made it look that simple last season. Bryant had one catch for eight yards in the Giants’ 20-19 win in the season opener. Bryant then had one catch for 10 yards, which Jenkins promptly stripped for a crucial fumble, in the Giants’ 10-7 win over the Cowboys in Week 14…

…Jenkins said he was primarily concerned with a slant route when the Cowboys had third-and-medium. If the Cowboys had third-and-long, Jenkins knew a dig route was coming. If Jenkins pressed Bryant in man-coverage, a fade route was typically the response.

“Everything’s got to be a double move to get him open because he’s not fast,” Jenkins said.

Jackrabbit was the first piece of the puzzle that pretty much re-hauled the Giants secondary in 2016 and it showed right away when he kept Dez to one catch for eight yards in the season opener against the Cowboys. While everyone was pretty skeptical of his huge $62.5 million dollar contract, myself included, he silenced critics and showed he was worth every penny of that contract.

But, I don’t know, maybe we shouldn’t basically tell our opponents everything to why we were able to beat you? While somethings are obvious to why you outplayed an opponent, like being able to apply pressure on the quarterback or take advantage of a mismatch at a receiver vs corner, maybe we shouldn’t literally say things like “Dez likes to run slants on third and short” or “Dez likes to run digs on third and longs”. You’re basically telling your opponent “hey you guys probably shouldn’t run ‘x-play’ cause we know when you guys run it” is probably something we should keep quiet and let them keep running it as long as they don’t adjust to it. Maybe just a personal preference of mine but just something to consider for future references.

But I did enjoy this part of the interview saying Prescott had no clue what he was looking at in coverages:

Jenkins also said that veteran Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo would have more dangerous than rookie Dak Prescott. Prescott completed just 17-of-37 passes for 165 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions (one by Jenkins) in Week 14 when the rookie appeared confused by the Giants’ coverages.

“(Romo) would have picked that up immediately,” Jenkins said. “Guys like Romo and Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and Big Ben (Roethlisberger) — guys like that see that. They know that. (Romo) would have made some throws that Dak didn’t make.”

I was honestly very confident going into both games knowing Prescott would be under center over Romo. Not a chance Giants go 2-0 against the Cowboys with Romo playing and quit frankly I think the Cowboys would’ve represented the NFC in the Super Bowl had Romo been starting. But thank God the Cowboys stuck with Prescott and Romo will be out of Dallas this offseason. I might eat these words right up Elliot style but I’ll go on the record saying in 10 years we’ll look back and see Dallas letting Romo walk as one of the biggest mistakes a franchise has made. Defenses like the Giants will expose Dak for the 4th round pick out of Mississippi State he was, were I don’t think he ever covered a game in college when I bet on them. That 2014 Orange Bowl still hurts Prescott, don’t think I forgot about it.



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