Mom OTY Sends Nudes and Pot Brownies to Teens


New York Post“A mother in Utah allegedly sent topless photos and smoked pot with teenagers in her home in a misguided attempt to relive her youth, according to one victim’s mother.

Virginia Olson, 37, of Lehi, allegedly sent at least two topless photos in a group text that included at least three juveniles in November. She’s also accused of smoking marijuana and giving pot brownies to at least two teens at her home between late November and early February, Deseret News reports.”

I’ll be honest, I don’t see the harm in this one. I see a mother spending quality bonding time with her teenage son and his friends is all I see. Before you know it he’ll be off to college then the real world and she’ll be stuck at home (I’m assuming she’s single/divorced) with no one but the pool boy to flirt with, so living through her sons youth is all she’s got right now.

But what makes Olson stand out from the pack is not the nudes or pot brownies, but she even tried hooking the kids up!

“Olson, who also has a teenage son, had been hosting sleepovers at her home and even tried to arrange trysts between the youngsters, the unidentified mother said.

“I think we counted at least seven girls’ names that she was trying to line our 15- and 16-year-old children up with,” the woman told”

That’s going the fucking extra mile. And these kids parents crying “wahhhh Ms. Olson is trying to hook our kids up with girls wahhh” hey toots I don’t see you stepping up to the plate for your kids. Have you even tried to get your kid set up for little make out sesh with the head cheerleader or even once hook your kid with a pot brownie fix once in a while? I didn’t think so.

Bravo to you Ms. Olson, for going that extra mile that mothers today just won’t take in this soft America.




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