Odell Beckham Was Also Robbed During Super Bowl Weekend


New York Post– But a source told us that Beckham — in town for the big game as an ESPN pregame commentator — was robbed of “jewelry and cash.” Rumors even swirled that he was mugged. “It was basically catching him outside at the right time,” a source said of the alleged heist.

A source close to the Giants confirmed that the star wide receiver was indeed robbed, but he said it was not a mugging at all and nothing “pricey” was taken. The source explained that Beckham was staying at a hotel in Houston, but that he also left a bag of his belongings at a friend’s house. (As one does?)

“He just had some stuff there,” the source said. “Shoes and that sort of thing. It wasn’t anything expensive — just some of his belongings.” The source said that the home was broken into and that Beckham’s stuff was gone.

Stay hot Houston! (It’s only in the 70s this week, uh global warming much?)

Just an all around heist going down in his Houston this past weekend. Brady’s game worn jersey was swiped off the field shortly after the Super Bowl and now we got the best athlete in the game getting his belongings stolen.

While apparently nothing too valuable was stolen (not like he can’t afford new shit he isn’t a multi-millionaire or anything) and Beckham didn’t even file for a report but it’s still worth noting we got some Swiper the Foxes running around in Houston after our NFL players.

But these criminals better be careful, I heard Beckham has a nasty right hook.



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