Women Shoots Her Boyfriend Over A Cold Taco

Houston (KTRK)-Police say a shooting in north Houston all began when a woman got a taco that just wasn’t hot enough.

Investigators say a man and his girlfriend were at a taco truck on West Dyna near the North Freeway just before 2am when the shooting happened.

HPD says the woman became irate when a taco truck worker denied her request to reheat her taco when she said it was cold.

But when her boyfriend told her to calm down, she allegedly pulled out a gun.

Her boyfriend was shot at one point, but it is not clear if she intentionally shot him or if the gun fired accidentally.

I can’t knock the women’s hustle. If someone not only screws up your tacos but refuses to fix it, actions like this can be justified. But she took the wrong approach in this situation.

Like Samuel L. Jackson in Coming To America, you have to stick that taco truck up if you want to be taken seriously. Shoot that .45 pistol in the air and tell them “anybody move and I’ll blow your fucking head off”or else not only is this taco truck not going to take her seriously, but she’ll be the laughing stock of all the food trucks in Houston. Before you know it every food truck she hits up for now on will be throwing at her cold burgers and left over shit from last week, cause they know she can’t do anything about it. She’ll just throw a little hissy fit and shoot her boyfriend. That’s how you become the food trucks bitch. Have to be better than that.

But I like to think this is how the scene went down:


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