Victor Cruz And Rashad Jennings Both Cut

First and foremost, thank GOD Rashad Jennings is gone. While he seemed like a good locker room presents, he will easily have one of the most forgettable Giants careers at a skill position in recent memory. No more do I have to read fantasy football preview magazines telling me that this is the year Jennings breaks out as the Giants top running back. Jennings would look like he was running with rocks in his fucking cleats while running into the asses of Pugh and Richburg every play, resulting in Paul Perkins finally taking over his spot towards the end of the year. I don’t think I could even pinpoint one memorable moment Rashad Jennings had with the Giants in his career.

But obviously Cruz I can. Going from local Paterson NJ, to (at the time) D-1AA UMass, to undrafted then to become a Pro Bowler/Super Bowl champ with the team he grew up watching is a true inspiration story that is straight out a Disney movie. While it is upsetting to see such a iconic presents from the past seven or so years walk out the door, it was a move that we all knew had to happen.

I discussed earlier last week that we should see this coming, and now it is set in stone. Giants clearly have their future slot receiver in Sterling Shepard while Cruz just doesn’t have the same skill set he used to have as the outside receiver, something the Giants HAVE to address this offseason. Cruz should still be able to find work in the NFL as a slot receiver and Giants fans and the organization are hoping nothing but the best for the future Giants Ring of Honor.

So now with $10 million in cap space free’d up ($7.5 million from Cruz, $2.5 million from Rashad) and with more cuts and contract restructures on the way, Jerry Reese and company are under way in making sure they can keep this defense together and upgrade a disappointing offense from last season. We’re in for what maybe the most important offseason Jerry Reese has ever been through.

But for now let’s not remember Cruz for today, but remember him for who he was. Or something like that.


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