Michigan HS Teachers Caught Playing MFK On There Own Students


FOX 17– The secretary of the superintendent of Bangor Public Schools has resigned and several teachers were disciplined after a video surfaced online that allegedly showed teachers and school staff playing a game at a bar. The game asks the players to name three people they would marry, have intimate relations with or kill, and the footage shows those staff members naming students and other teachers in the game. Some were names of students with special needs.

Obviously a lot of outrage is stirring out of this.

However, we can learn from this. If your one of those kids put in the “kill” category, it might be a good time to make some changes. Or keep your head on a swivel 24/7 before one of these teachers comes after you.

And for the students put in the “marry/fuck” category, we can take it as a simple confidence booster for them heading forward. Sure, now you know that these 30-40 plus year old teachers have basically came out and said they’ve fantasized having sex with minors but now you know were you stand at least. Have to read in between the lines in these situations.

But this guy might take the cake of creepiness from the video:

The guy teacher would marry the student because she loves the Tigers (assuming that it is the Detroit Tigers since this is in Michigan) so that is obviously a deal breaker for him. But the student also covered his ass by not saying anything when he was wasted on the bus trip and then the teacher hits you with a “she can keep secrets” line is Chills City USA population this creep.







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