People think Jerry Sandusky is innocent


As long as you don’t live under a rock you’ve heard that Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son Jeff has recently been arrested for felony and misdemeanor child sexual offense charges. He faces 14 counts, including soliciting sex from a child under age 16, and soliciting child pornography. These charges involve incidents with two  young girls, one in 2013 and  the other just last year in 2016. These alleged crimes were uncovered late last year when one of the girls told her father that Jefferey Sandusky had texted her repeatedly, asking her to send him naked photos. Even as an adopted kid the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree here. While this story is one all on its own its brought up the Jerry Sandusky case in peoples minds.

Today on my morning commute to school I was listening to a New England sports radio network WEEI and today on the Kirk and Callahan show a caller shed light on something I didn’t know existed. People think Jerry Sandusky is innocent. This caller who I will not name went on for 20 or so minutes yelling about how there was no proof that Jerry did anything how the Penn State scandal was all made up by ESPN. I don’t know what you think here but this is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard come out of someones mouth. There’s no proof Jerry did anything?! How bout him being indicted on 45 chargers of sexual abuse. How even his own son Matt Sandusky has come out and told about his own abuse by his adoptive father. This man Jerry was found guilty in the court of law and sentenced to 30 to 60 years in jail, countless people testified against him, a whole university was turned around because of the cover up. This is not something people just lie about or fake. I have no idea how anyone could be so stupid as to think Jerry Sandusky is an innocent or good human being.


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