Study Says There Is A 72 Percent Chance Eli Makes The HOF


ESPN– Previously, we asked a neural network to predict which QBs and RBs would gain induction into the Hall of Fame. With the next class established, let’s take a look beyond the Class of 2017. Which of those players already enshrined might not fit the bill? Who are the players who came closest without getting in? And which current QBs and RBs are on track or already a lock for the Hall?…

…Eli Manning is a more debatable case, with a 72 percent chance of induction. Beyond his two rings (including MVPs in both Super Bowls), he has impressive career totals and was one of the league’s best passers for a four-season stretch, with Pro Bowl selections each of those four seasons. His interception rates are relatively high for his era, but stats like that haven’t had much weight in the collective judgment of the voters, especially years after a career has ended and its lowlights slowly fade from memory. However convincing Eli’s case might be in isolation, it might ultimately pale in comparison to his contemporaries, and a logjam of legendary quarterbacks could keep him out. The model only measures how well a career compares to others’ in the Hall and isn’t able to account for a contemporaneous glut of superstars, at least not yet.

Of course, another Super Bowl win would give Eli a 97.7 percent chance of induction.

First of all, headlines that say the words “study says” or “study shows” will always get people to believe in whatever the reason is without even reading the context of the article. There is just something about throwing the words “study shows” that automatically gets all the credentials for readers. Just something I thought I’d point out.

Anyways, the folks over at ESPN using their fancy ‘neural networks’ that is supposed to “mimic how neurons work together in our own brains to answer questions and make predictions” but only putting Eli at 72 percent, show that these fancy I Robots don’t know how to spell the word ELIte.

Listen, I get the knocks on Eli. Trust me. I’ve been through the ups and downs just like every other Giants fan. The interceptions, throwing off the back foot into triple coverage, the infamous Manning faces (but those are hilarious, I take those as a strength for Eli personally).

But if you were to sit me down before that 2004 draft and tell me the Giants were going to draft a quarterback who would not only win two Super Bowls and be a 4 time Pro Bowler but not miss one single snap for 13+ seasons (and 2016 Co-Man of the Year winner no biggie), I would say sign me the fuck up without even thinking twice about it. And that is exactly what Eli has been able to do in his career. And while the Patriots hoist up their most recent 5th Lombardi trophy, Eli still stands in the history books as the only quarterback to defeat the Belichick army in the Super Bowl. That is something nobody, especially Giants fans, will forget.

So while there will be plenty of debate on whether or not Eli is a Hall of Famer once he hangs up the cleats, the answer is simple. One more Super Bowl win gives Eli a 97.7 percent chance of being a Hall of Famer…



…and there is only one man who can lead Eli to that 97.7 percent…





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