PJ Fleck’s First Move As Head Coach Of Minnesota? Acquire The ‘Row The Boat’ From Western Michigan

What is you first move as head coach of a Big 10 conference football team? Is it establishing your recruits? Making sure you know what prospects you want to target and such? Is it finding out who your coaching staff will be for 2017? Figuring things out like who will be calling the plays on offense and defense?

Well you can throw that all out window because tradition trumps all. PJ Fleck isn’t here to build a football team. He is here to build a team of men. He is here to start a football program built on a foundation that includes Rowing the Boat, playing fog horns twenty minutes before kickoff so and jazz hands on the opponents third downs:


PJ Fleck is just setting the blue print for how to build a dynasty, either take notes or get the fuck out of the way because Minnesota football is coming like a freight train in the Big 10.


And of course the HOF video itself:



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