The Canadiens hired Claude and I hate them even more

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens - Game Six

Yesterday the details of Claude Juliens contract with he Montreal Canadiens came out, the new head coach who was let go by the rival Bruins on February 7th just signed a 5 year 25 million dollar contract to start his second stint with the Canadiens.

FUCK THIS! First the Bruins to the scummiest thing where they fire Claude the day of the parade and have the conference during the parade then a week later he’s coaching the fucking Canadiens. So I’m going to sit here like I do every year and watch the Bruins battle for the last playoff spot and not get it while Claude is going to take his first place Canadiens and just cruise himself into the playoffs. I hate the fucking Canadiens despise them. I hate Max Pacioretty, Tomas Plekanek, Shaw, Markov, Emelin, Price, I hate them all. The best thing thats happened to me this season is watching the Bruins finally beat them a couple times, but no Montreal take that all away from me by hiring Claude. I don’t want to hate Claude, he brought us a cup he help make contenders! Why didn’t you just keep that rat faced fuck Therrien it was fun and easy to hate that. Rivalry back on full hate coming your way from here on out. You only brought this on yourselves.

By the way just to remind you the Bruins just shut you out 4-0 HA!


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