Future Raven Darrelle Revis Charged With 4 First Degree Criminal Felonies And Terroristic Threats

TMZ– NY Jets star Darrelle Revis was involved in a violent altercation in Pittsburgh over the weekend — but there seems to be a big dispute over what really went down. 

Revis’ lawyer, Blaine Jones, issued a statement saying the NFL star was assaulted by 5 men in the South Side area. The lawyer said Revis was injured and sought medical attention.

Jones is adamant Revis is the victim.

But here’s where things get weird … WTAE in Pittsburgh says Revis is the one under investigation for the incident — with sources claiming he and his group were the aggressors and men in the other group suffered serious injuries.

Just when the circus franchise known as the New York Jets look to turn the page of another disaster of a season, this little beauty pops up.

4 first degree felonies and even slapped Revis with terroristic threats. So now Revis basically will have the label “terrorist” everywhere he goes.

However, it was sounding like Jets were planning on releasing Revis this offseason anyways, after he clearly didn’t look like the same player aka just cashing it in for the money this point in his career, but now this will make the decision simple. All of a sudden Odell Beckham punching holes in walls and knocking down kicking nets doesn’t seem so bad anymore (still pretty bad though).

Now with a terrorist/criminal hitting the free agent market, Steve Bisciotti and the Ravens must be licking their chops to sign him. Probably already making room for a fucking statue outside the stadium right next to Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Ray Rice as we speak. Perfect fit for such a class act franchise.

Anyways, here is a few highlights of the New York Circus Jets that I whipped up:



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