Two years ago today the Celts got IT4

Isaiah Thomas

Two years ago today the Phoenix Suns traded away 5 foot 9 point guard Isiah Thomas to the Boston Celtics for Marcus Thornton and a 2016 Cleveland Cavalier First Rounder. One word on this STEAL! Danny Ainge robbed the Suns blind on this basically giving them a 30th pick in the draft for a now 2 time all star. Isiah has quickly turned himself to not only a fan favorite but the face of the franchise. He is averaging 29.9 pig placing him second in the league behind only Russel Westbrook and ahead of James Harden and we know the seasons those two are having. He has the Celtics sitting in 2nd place in the east, and there is even MVP talk coming his way.

The last pick of the 2011 draft has finally found a home that loves him and lets him be the guy and he is returning the favor by becoming one of the most exciting players to watch in the league. The Celtics are one move away from becoming a legit contender, wether through trade (PG13 or Boogie please) or through the draft (Fultz or bust), and its all because of IT4 and his stellar player. Let’s just sit back and watch the man work.


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