Bob Huggins Collapsed On The Court Last Night, Blames His Players For Trying To Kill Him

NYDailyNews– West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins had a scary moment Monday night.

The 63-year-old coach dropped to his knees while clutching his chest during a timeout at the end of the first half of the Mountaineers’ game against Texas.

Players that were huddled around Huggins called for medical attention to evaluate their coach.

Huggins eventually regained his composure and finished coaching the rest of the half and game.

I’m not a big West Virginia guy, but you have to respect the two coaches running that school. Bob Huggins and Red Bull running man Dana Holgorsen. Just two true men of men holding things down in Morgantown.

And you have to love Higgins coming at his players, even when they’re up 46-32 right before the half. Probably wants to collapse from Jevon Carter’s poor shot selection or West Virginia’s awful free throw average this season. I know I sure as fuck did having West Virginia at -16.

But West Virginia officially has my “team to make some noise” stamp for March Madness this year. Balanced team offensively and defensively, won’t surprise me to see this team put it together come conference tournament time.

And now, your moment of Huggins:

giphy (1).gif





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