Mizzou Fans Chant “Cal You Suck!” At Coach Calipari And Calipari Storms Off The Court Mid-Interview

Coach Calipari getting SHOOK in Mizzou. Thin skinned like you read about. Then again, going into half up only one against a crappy Missouri team should have just about any college basketball head coach shook. This is, after all, the same school that had America’s second favorite coked out quarterback Maty Mauk as their starting quarterback.

But heading into March Madness, other teams should write down this little footnote. Calipari doesn’t enjoy a little harmless name calling. A little school ground bullying can get Calipari flustered easier than Ryan Leaf getting questioned by the media:

So what’s your first step if you’re UNC-Wilmington or East Tennessee St. and you have to face Kentucky in the first round? Hire a group of fan section goons to heckle out Calipari behind the Kentucky bench. Get him heated till he either storms off the court or comes at the fans himself. But dress the fans up in Louisville gear, that way they have no connections to your school and Louisville becomes the scapegoat while creating a World War III between Kentucky and Louisville.

This is how you create the Cinderella upset against Kentucky people. The blueprint is out in clear daylight, now it is just time to execute it.


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