UPS Testing Out ‘Drone Delivery’ Is Just Sad.

My reaction to that video:


Poor UPS. Making such a desperate move at “wow look at how technologically advanced we are! We have drones that will get shot down by that shit head 12 year old Jimmy’s BB gun down the street and completely destroy your package but hey look, at least your package is flying in the air, right?” GTFO UPS. Just drive your fucking truck Doug Heffernan style, give me my damn package and let us move on with our day.

It’s like you ever use that useless piece of crap Alexa robot? Anytime I ask that fucking thing a question I swear it either tells me it doesn’t understand me, to repeat it or an answer I wasn’t even looking for. Like I asked it what year Michigan State won the national championship in basketball because Tom Izzo wouldn’t leave my TV screen. Of course, Alexa didn’t understand me. I had to rephrase it, so I went from asking how many mens basketball championships to being as specific as asking for the University of Michigan State in East Lansing, Michigan mens basketball and still nothing. I finally broke down and just Googled it and found the answer in less than 10 seconds (1979, 2000). That’s the stupid little shit Alexa is supposed to answer right? Other than that encounter, I don’t think I have ever seen that thing used in the house other than on Christmas day when we got the useless thing. Don’t let anyone try and fool you into thinking it is worth it. You’ll use it for one day to ask about the weather and never use it again, trust me.

All I am saying is let’s start just doing shit on our own before we let these drones run around thinking they’re hot shit. Then before we know it, we’ll be dependent on these robots like the Institute is so dependent on synths in Fallout 4. Which reminds me, another settlement has sent word that they need our help. I’ll mark it on your map.


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