Kirk Cousins or Cam Newton?

So recently there has been a lot of people coming out with the opinion that Kirk Cousins is better then Cam Newton. I personally am not here for this, this is completely not true and I don’t trust the opinion of any one who thinks so because it is just obviously straight trash. Two seasons ago, yes TWO seasons Cam Newton was MVP and the best thing to happen since slice bread but now all of the sudden Kirk ‘You like that’ Cousins is better then him? In what universe is Kirk Cousins better then him? Are you telling me that Kirk Cousins on the Panthers leads them to a Super Bowl? Not a shot in the world. Cam on the Redskins yeah something tells me they get better then 8-7-1. It wasn’t Cams fault the whole organization fell apart this year.

Theres a whole argument out there at look at the numbers the number tell you Kirks better. Ok lets look at the numbers. So you can’t look at the career as a whole when it comes to these two because Kirk has only really been the guy for two years, so lets compare those two.

Kirk Cousins: 9,083 passing yards 54 Touch downs 23 interceptions

Cam Newton: 7,346 passing yards 54 touch downs 24 interceptions

Passing yeah Kirk has more yards and 1 less interception, his rating is also significantly higher but ever since Cam has been in the league we’ve known that he’s going to make some mistakes as a passer yet he has the same amount of touchdowns as Cousins. That is also with significantly less weapons then Kirk. Kirk has Jordan Reed, Desean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, even Jamison Crowder. Cam has Kelvin Benjamin coming off a season ending injury and Greg Olsen. Kirk has 6 receivers with 40 or more catches, Cam has 3. So is Kirk really that much better in the passing realm?

Cam also brings a whole other dimesion to his game with his ability to be a lead back in any game plan. For arguments sake we have to look at Kirks rushing stats as well.

Kirk Cousins: 144 rushing yards 9 touchdowns 8 fumbles lost

Cam Newton: 995 yards 15 touchdowns 5 fumbles lost

So the stats in total are Cam with 69 total touchdowns and 29 total turnovers while Kirk finishes with 63 total touchdowns and 31 total turnovers. So again tell me how Kirk is better?



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