New York Giants Mockness Monster: Round 1

It is that time of the year again my friends. A time where we sit in front of our computer screens reading mock drafts that have a 99% of not coming true (except this one of course) and looking for juicy free agency rumors like AP tickling Giants fans balls on Twitter. All while Skip Bayless can yell at us from our TV screen about why Aaron Rodgers and the Packers got lucky in the playoff game against Dallas. What a time to be alive.

So here is how my mock draft is going down. I will be using which allows you to sim mock drafts on a certain team while the computer picks using big boards from other draft experts. So New York Giants. 7 rounds. Lets do this.

Round 1, 23rd Overall: David Njoku TE Miami

giphy (2).gif

I think I can speak for Giants fans everywhere when I say, it is time to finally upgrade the tight end position. No longer can we stand watching Will Tye catch the ball and fall down for another season, no no no. For the first time since Jeremy Shockey in 2002, the Giants select a tight end. And not just any run of the mill tight end. A 6-4 240 pound tight end who has athleticism and can successfully front flip without fumbling:


His ability to stretch the field and drive down the seams will not only take pressure off of Beckham but force opposing defenses to get out of cover 2 that kept the Giants offense so vanilla.

While Njoku might not be the best blocker in the draft, he has the speed and size to polarize opposing linebackers and make Sean Lee his bitch in the next coming years:

YAC from the tight end position is something the Giants offense almost have always lacked. Njoku led the entire FBS tight ends in YAC last season.

This offense can quickly become dangerous again with Njoku, especially since Eli loves to throw to the big receivers. And we would have to trust McAdoo will become creative with where he puts Njoku, putting him all over the field from the slot to split end causing defenses to have to always be aware of where they put him just like they do with Beckham.


Unfortunately, a 6-4 240 athletic tight end like Njoku won’t go unnoticed and it might become difficult for him to still be sitting there once the Giants are on the clock. However, some teams before might have some bigger needs to fill. And with the Miami Dolphins (soon to be official) just recently acquiring Julius Thomas, they are more than likely to pass on the future Jordan Reed prospect with the 22nd pick. Leaving the home-grown Cedar Grove kid to come back to Jersey once again.

Side note: I played against him in high school. I don’t have a lot of war stories about him but my senior year he took a kickoff back to the house while HURDLING over our kicker. One day we’re playing against each other in high school, the next day I’m writing about how the Giants should take him in the first round of the NFL draft. Life comes at you fast.

Full highlights from last season:

Round 2 coming up next!


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