Rick Pitino Trying To Go Full Fisticuffs With A UNC Fan

Previously in “get in the opponents coaches head in order to beat them”:

A lil refresh of my blueprint in case anyone missed it:

So what’s your first step if you’re UNC-Wilmington or East Tennessee St. and you have to face Kentucky in the first round? Hire a group of fan section goons to heckle out Calipari behind the Kentucky bench. Get him heated till he either storms off the court or comes at the fans himself. But dress the fans up in Louisville gear, that way they have no connections to your school and Louisville becomes the scapegoat while creating a World War III between Kentucky and Louisville.

This is how you create the Cinderella upset against Kentucky people. The blueprint is out in clear daylight, now it is just time to execute it.

It is working folks. We are seeing it with our very own two eye balls. Anyone with a brain can see this is how you defeat another team. Whether they are the powerhouse schools of Kentucky or Louisville or the Horizon League top end talents of Wright State, this is how you swim in the other teams brains.

From Calipari taking his ball and going home mid-interview to Rick Pitino trying to go full fisticuffs in the opponents crowd, there is no denying we have a formula here folks. Get in these coaches heads and soon you’ll be swimming in their pools, leaving the lights on in all the rooms and pissing in the back-end part of the toilet so when they flush more piss comes out. That is how much real estate you can own in these coaches heads.

I’m not saying I’m reinventing the wheel here, but I am saying we are getting closer and closer to March Madness upsets and backdoor covers to fuck up the spread and I can not wait for one single second of it.


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