New York Giants Mockness Monster: Round 2

Round 1

Welcome back to the 2017 New York Giants Mockness Monster. Yesterday we talked round one as the Giants finally filled the void that is the tight end position, with the freak athlete from the U known as David Njoku. Now for the second round, as the Giants look towards the other side of the ball. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, looking to add depth on the defensive line rather than replacing Pierre-Paul, let’s take a look at their selection at the edge:

Round 2 55th Overall: DeMarcus Walker DE Florida State

1-EzEmVRpyAHNjATf5pITP0g 2.gif

This years draft has a very deep defensive end class, which is good for the Giants if Reese swings and misses on the Pierre-Paul deal. But let’s pretend Reese gets the job done and signs JPP (in Reese we trust right?). Giants will still be looking to add depth to the defensive line, and this years draft provides good value to dip into the d-line in the second/third round.

At 6’4″ 280 lbs, DeMarcus Walker finished his 2016 season with 16 sacks and 21.5 tackles for loss, with three forced fumbles. His pass rushing ability was one of the best in the ACC, tacking on ACC defensive player of the year last year.

Florida State moved Walker all around the d-line, from edge rusher to defensive tackle. That is exactly something Spags would love to do, bring in a guy like Walker on passing situations.

Just look at his strength and speed on the inside:

giphy (4).gif

(Tear drop emojis)


Vernon and JPP on the outside with Walker in the inside on 3rd down passing situations is giving me the feels. And it should do the same with the Giants coaching staff. He is a guy that is dipping just a bit under the radar behind the rest of the top pass rushing prospects and would become, in my opinion, fantastic value in the second round.

Now do yourself a favor and grab some moisturizer, a box of tissues and watch the rest of his highlights:


Round 3 up next…



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