New York Giants Mockness Monster: Round 3

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Welcome back folks. With the combine coming up tomorrow, the draft is sneaking on up. And as of February 27th, Jason Pierre-Paul is still not signed. The uneasiness in Meadowlands is growing, but this round we add more weapons to the offensive side of the ball.

Round 3 87th Overall: JuJu Smith-Schuster WR USC

giphy (6).gif

JuJuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Right away can replace the “Cruuuuuuuuuz” in MetLife that we won’t have anymore. That right there should be enough for us to draft JuJu, right?

At 6’2″ 220 pound possession receiver, who is getting comparisons to Anquan Boldin, he could be that 3rd receiver the Giants have been looking for this offseason to replace Victor Cruz. He is a receiver that can not only get the long ball, but work the middle of the field as well.

He can create Odell Beckham-ish like plays after the catch. Check out this move after the catch:

giphy (7).gif

3rd and 17 and he is able to catch a 2 yard drag route and turn it into a close 1st down (USC went for it on 4th and got the 1st down, something McAdoo would certainly consider in that situation).

giphy (8).gif

JuJu can also stretch the field as well, something Cruz was clearly lacking last season:

giphy (9).gif

Unless the Giants make a move this offseason at a very uninspiring wide receiver free agent class, or believe they have the talent are already in the building (Roger Lewis, Tavarress King) grabbing a dynamic player like JuJu in the third round to play opposite Beckham with Shepard in the slot and our 1st round pick David Njoku can quickly become a defensive coordinators nightmare. Add in a hopefully rejuvenated running game and the Giants can quickly wash there 2016 offensive struggles away (I think).

Draft projections have JuJu going 2nd-3rd round. I won’t be holding my breath for him to still be at 87th selection but if he finds himself falling in a decently deep receiving class, it just makes too much sense for the Giants to grab him and create a much needed complement to Odell Beckham on the outside.

Now the Giants can look to add depth and competition on the offensive line in the next round.

JuJuuuuuuuuu highlights (in case Giants do get JuJu, I trademarked that first)


Round 4 coming up.


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