Adrian Peterson And Jamaal Charles Both Heading To FA (Eye Ball Emoji)

Free agency off to buzzing start. And of course with no football, March Madness still not here, it is time to dive into free agency rumors to get us through the next couple weeks!

Realistically, I do not think there is anyway Giants sign AP. Unless he can sign basically for free, I think teams like Dallas or Tampa Bay will be more willing to spend a little more for him over the Giants.

Jerry Jones has already stated he would be interested in pairing Elliot and Peterson:

But odds makers at Bovada give the Giants healthy odds at 5/1:

Not sure why Dallas is not listed, have to think they would be in the 3/1-5/1 range at the least after that Jerry Jones quote.

With that said, I think Jamaal Charles would become the most likely candidate to sign with the Giants. Can run out of shotgun much more effectively than AP and will have a much less desirable market than Peterson, allowing Giants to sign him at a very reasonable cheap price. Not saying either guys are defiantly signing with the Giants, but I would pin Charles as the most likely free agent signing between the two.

However, tune in tomorrow for the New York Giants Mockness Monster: Round Five as we dive into a running back who could become a possible asset to the Giants running game.



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