De’Aaron Fox thinks 2k will make him a great NBA player

What kind of bizzaro world does this kid live in if he thinks this is true. Does he not think the fact that he is a 6’3 point guard with blazing speed and unreal athletic capability has anything to do with the reason he is a top player at one of the top Basketball programs in the country? This is a classic John Calipari player can jump out the gym, is amazingly fast with the ball in his hand, and someone defiantly took the ACT for him to get into Kentucky. Try to debate me on this and I will legit just show you how he thinks 2k his helping him play basketball.170121_uk-menbb_mm_18889

If being good at video games instead of a D3 college football bust I’d be an NFL first round draft pick in the upcoming draft (humble brag on playing a college sport). This kid is just an idiot for thinking this but hey you don’t need to be smart to be a NBA lottery pick.

Also can we just reflect on how this kid just looks like a fucking alien. The resemblance is uncanny.


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