Hey Bill let me take a shot at this draft thing

So if you’ve been reading the site at all you see my buddy KerrieDude is killing it with his Giants Mockness Monster blogs so being the original guy I am I decided that I would do the same thing and tell the greatest coach/gm in the NFL hey let me do your job. If you want to do the same you can use the site we both used called fanspeak.com, its a great site where they let you draft or be the GM of any team in the NFL. Before we start I’d like to let you know I used the most updated draft board on there that came out today from a writer on Bleacher Report and for Team Needs I used the NFL mock, also 1,000% chance all of the players that I mention in this on going blog series will not get picked by the Pats.

Round 1, 32 overall Pick: Charles Harris EDGE Missouri 


If you follow the Patriots or at least pretend too the one thing you now that is a huge need this offseason/draft is an edge rusher to replace the loss of Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins. That can come in the form of Redshirt Junior Charles Harris. Harris measures at 6 foot 3 and weighs 255 pounds. The Mizzou product finished the season with 61 tackles 35 of them were solo and lead the team with 12 tackles for lose, 9 sacks, and 10 QB hurries.

Harris’s greatest strength is his ability to get after the passer. He has a great first step along with great speed and a burst off the edge, he completes this package with a devastating spin (as scene above) move that left multiple SEC left tackles getting an earful from there Quarter Backs after they met the turf for the second or third time that afternoon. He projects more early to be a 3rd down specialist either in the outside line backer position or as a down linemen. Harris is still a work in progress after only playing one year of football in high school giving him a total of 5 years in the game but the pure ability he shows already makes him a first round pick. The one thing most scouts seem to agree on is Harris tends to play to high sometimes causing him to get easily swallowed up by his bigger opponents. That being said he has shown to be able to consistently get pressure against some of the top tackles in all of football and has shown improvement in run stopping.


Harris is an ideal candidate to take with the Pats first round pick assuming for once they do not trade it. He fills a need at either Defensive End or Outside Linebacker and has the work ethic and motor every coach likes in a player. Here are his highlights from Missouri and stay on the look out for Round 2 tomorrow.



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