Pats won’t franchise Hightower

The Patriots reportedly told linebacker Dont’a Hightower today that they will not be franchising him and he will be free to test the open market. Now theres this is Bill we trust thing that we have going on here in New England and I am not one to stray from it usually but in this case I do not get what Bill is doing. How have you not signed this man?! Give him the money he wants! Why else do you get rid of Chandler Jones and Jaime Collins if you didn’t intend to have money free for the Quarter back of your defense and a potential perennial all pro middle linebacker.


Hightower has made two of the top three biggest defensive plays for your team in the last two super bowls (1 being Malcolm’s interception).

Here he is stoping Marshawn down at the goaline causing them to throw the ball. He fights off his defender before making a shoe string game saving tackle on the best back in football at the time, and if you don’t believe that you have to at least admit to the toughest back to tackle.


Next he just tops that with a strip sack of Matt Ryan the play that made everyone in New England go we have a fucking chance this is our game.


Now the Pats still have until March 9th to sign Hightower to a long term deal, but if they don’t and he hits the free agent market someone will shell out more then the 15 million that they would of had to pay him if they franchised him. Even though he missed three games last year he was named too the Pro Bowl and was a second team All Pro Player, so please Bill do what ever you have to just get Dont’a signed to a long term deal and make sure he’s in a Patriots uniform next year.


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