Surprise the C’s can’t beat playoff teams

WOAH TRADER DANNY DID IT AGAIN! And what he did was absolutely nothing and surprise surprise the Celtics are 1-2 against three projected playoff teams in there last 3 games. I don’t know what Ainge was thinking I don’t really care that he didn’t make a trade, in fact for the whole week up till the deadline I was preaching that he wouldn’t but to think that this team is good enough as is to make the Eastern Conference Finals is ridiculous and I’m here to tell delusional Celtics fans why. The Celtics will win a close first round series before getting bounced by the Raptors in 5 to 6 games thats just is what will happen. They just don’t have a team that can make a run in the playoffs. Before I get shit I wish this wasn’t the case I LOVE the Celtics but Im just facing facts here.


They can’t rebound like at all, they are tied for the 3rd worst rebounding team in the NBA averaging a measly 41.2 boards a game. Avery Bradley a 6 foot 2 shooting gaurd leads the team with 6.7 boards a game not our 6 foot 10 113 million dollar PF/C Al Horford, heaven forbid he got under the basket and grabbed some rebounds once an awhile. Yes Al please open your eyes and see your team needs you under the basket.

Secondly they just don’t defend like they use too. Boston ranks 19th this season is defensive efficiency, last year they were 4th. Dropping 15 spots does not win you playoff series never mind get you all the way to the NBA Eastern Conference finals.


Lastly they need another scorer. Im sorry as much as I love IT he just gets taken away in the playoffs. Teams will make sure someone anyone else beats them, and Isiah being so small can’t do anything about it and as much as Danny loves Jae Crowder he’s not going to win you a playoff series. Paul George, Jimmy Butler with IT that would. Isiah can not be the only one on the floor putting the ball in the basket.

I hope I’m wrong but sadly this is one of those things that I want so badly to be wrong I will be right. P.S. the Celtics right now are projected to matchup against Jimmy and his Bulls first round and they’ve beat us 2 out of 3 times. First round upset talk will be around if they see each other.

P.S.S. This is not Brad Stevens fault.


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