Hey Bill let me take a shot at this draft thing Round 2

Welcome back to my Patriots mock draft and a lot has happened in the last 24 hours Patriots wise but first if you missed Round 1 heres the link to it right here Round 1. Yesterday the Pats came out and said they will not be franchising Dont’a Hightower and today even more news came out about the Patriots saying they will not be trading Jimmy Garoppolo. But thats not what this blogs about this is about Round 2.

Round 2, 64th Overall Pick: Marcus Williams Safety Utah



This pick comes because the uncertainty that is our secondary right now, guys like Logan Ryan and Duron Harmon are set to become free agents while there are reports of Malcom Butler wanting to be payed now. Marcus is a free safety but the Patriots constantly play with Chung down as a line backer and Harmon and McCourty patrolling the back end so you can realistically see him in this scheme. Williams measures up at 6’1 195.


If you can describe this guy as one thing it be Ball Hawk, Williams finished his 2016 junior campaign with 5 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 fumble recoveries. He always seems to be around the ball. He is rarely fooled by play action and has a talent for reading the Quarter backs eyes. When Williams was asked to play man he mirrors the receiver well and was able to not give opposing Quarter backs a big window. He has a great ability to play the ball in the air and has fluid hips and closing speed.

The two weakness that step out at you are his weight and his over aggressiveness in the run game. There is an un written rule that you don’t draft a safety under 200 lbs but we all know Bill isn’t one for rules at all. Plus one could be pretty certain he could add muscle in an NFL weight room. The over commitment to the run sometimes ends up in cut back holes for backs but Williams has a high motor and will chase someone down 30 yards to stop a touchdown.

Heres his highlight tape honestly the more I watch it the more I like this pick I made (yes I know they are highlights) stay tuned for Round 3 tomorrow.


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