New York Giants Mockness Monster: Round 5

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Lets get started with this wild stat from yesterdays big cuts:

Life comes at you fast for these guys I guess. However, better to be at the top then never be there at at all.

As for the Giants, I talked about the possibility of picking up either Jamaal Charles or AP yesterday, but I think it is much more likely they will look to the draft to add depth behind Perkins and Vereen next season. Who might that be you ask? Look no further than James Conner from Pittsburgh my friend.

Round 5 169th Overall: James Conner RB Pittsburgh

WOOP! (Chris Berman voice for you dweebs that didn’t get that)


Succeeded in not only coming back from a torn MCL but beating Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Tremendous story and here is some more information about the disease in case you are not aware. That type of fight in a player is the exact type of character the Giants love to look for in their players (Mark Herzlich).

His powerful, bruising style of running is something that would complement greatly in the Giants running game:

giphy (14).gif

A change of pace from the versatile Paul Perkins and receiving Shane Vereen is something the Giants will surely welcome to their offense. He is knocked down a bit for not having great break away speed, but that won’t be something Giants will really need him to do. Conner would be a perfect goal line/short yardage back in McAdoo’s offense. He is also the ACC all-time leader in rushing touchdowns and total touchdowns (56).

His fight for yardage and ability to keep his balance is one of the best in the running back class:

giphy (15).gif

At a strong and lean 6’2″ 250 pounds, it will take a lot of hats on the ball to take him down.

As beautiful as it might be to vision Adrian Peterson in a Giants uniform, it makes a lot more sense for the Giants to find depth at running back mid to late rounds rather than signing a guy on the wrong side of 30 who basically has no knees. James Conner would be the perfect guy to look for come the 3rd day of drafting.

Full James Conner highlights:

Round 6 up next…





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