David Price to see Dr James Andrews


Big news outta Ft Myers this morning Astro’s owner (the dog) is most likely done for a while. The Sox are still waiting on MRI results but no athlete has EVER gone to Dr Andrews and not needed surgery. And to me I think his days are getting numbered in Boston. I think that weak minded fuck is getting close to the breaking point, he’s been snippy and short with writers this spring and if he got interviewed by Resident Asshole Shaughnessy (I love Shank) after another start where he gives up 5 earned and 2 HR early this season i think he would have snapped and shot his way out of town. I really can’t stand Price in a recent interview he said he doesn’t want to look in the rear view mirror but mentions in the same sentence his 2012 Cy Young. STOP TRYING TO GET EVERYBODY TO LIKE YOU. Stop trying to endear yourself with your aww gee shucks attitudea d that damn ugly dog. You get loved in this city by winning and I and most fans will never forget that fucking dinger you have up to LONNIE CHISENHALL WHO CANT HIT LHP. You pooped your pants and the memory AND SMELL of your poopy stinky pants will linger for what looks another year because he’s heading for Tommy John.

P.S I blame him for this happening you’re less than a month into camp how did this happen. Ill tell you what happened he’s been playing with that damn dog too much. Get a real dog French Bulldogs are ugly as shit stop trying to endear yourself to every pink hat mom and 16 year old girl because you have an ugly dog thats en vogue right now i hate your dog David Price. I bet you’ll read this because you are so thin skinned and care so much about how much people like you that respond and get defensive on twitter. Win a damn playoff game and win my affection. Pussy.






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