Hey Bill let me take a shot at this draft thing Round 3

And we’re bacckkkk with Round 3 which brings you two and I said TWO picks! Big news of the day is about David Price and if you want to read about that my guy Reggie wrote about it here. Also if you are new to this little blog and want to see the past two days links will be provided here Round 1 Round 2. So lets get started.

Round 3, 96th Overall Pick: Anthony Walker MLB North Western


Boom pick makes even more sense now that they are letting Hightower get a taste of what is out there (If they let Hightower walk I’ll lose my goddamn mind). Walker is an NFL ready linebacker with his 6’1 245 pound frame, he is an instinctive down hill runner and has been named an All American and twice been named All Big Ten. He can play outside as well giving him the versatility the Patriots love in linebackers. He is a smart player with excellent work ethic and shows a burst to close out runners looking to get the corner. an

One weakness that all scouts seem to have on this kid is he might be too muscle bond. Scouts are suggesting he drop 10lbs to be able to move better around the field if thats the problem its not a and problem to have.

Round 3, 105th Overall Pick: Samaje Perine RB Oklahoma

God I’d love to be right about this pick this kid is ELECTRIC to watch! Blount is going to free agency (he will probably leave get cut and sign back) and James White and Dion Lewis are not that big run between the tackles back. That is exactly what Perine is at 5’10 237 lbs except he also rips off these incredible long runs. He is decisive that excels at running through contact. He loves and is good at lowering his shoulder and bounces off of defenders. He also picks up his knees and avoids getting tripped up when he runs through clutter.


Perine was banged up most of this last season and also split time with the infamous Joe Mixon so his numbers weren’t as high as you usually see from him but there is not doubt that this kid has talent. I think he’d be an absolute steal here at the end of the 3rd even if they do bring back in Blount.


Round 3 had me all excited tune in tomorrow for a hung over blog about Round 4!



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