New York Giants Mockness Monster: Round 7

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Welcome back to our conclusion of the 2017 New York Giants Mockness Monster. So far, the Giants have built up a strong offensive weapons with Njoku in the 1st round, JuJu Smith-Schuster in the 3rd, Dan Skipper in the 4th and James Conner in the 5th. While adding some defensive depth in the 2nd with DeMarcus Walker and Ben Boulware in the 6th. Now, the Giants look to add some more offensive help, as well as special teams help.

Round 7 244th Overall: Freddie Stevenson FB Florida State

giphy (19).gif

Bottom line is, Giants need blocking help any and every way they can get it. Why not add a guy who can run block as well as Stevenson can, while also contributing to special teams? Stevenson was a big key to Dalvin Cooks success last season, lead blocking for him all season:

giphy (20).gif

McAdoo likes to play out shotgun, but will have to be open-minded in adding some I-formation and offset I in order to mix things up and add a true threat in the running game. Adding Stevenson to lead block for Perkins and James Connor (via my mock draft) and signing a tight end like Anthony Fasano, who’s biggest strength is blocking, could finally make the Giants a threat in the running game.

Stevenson full highlights:

And that concludes the 2017 New York Giants Mockness Monster. Here, the Giants used a sizable emphasis on fixing a dull, lifeless offense from the year before, while adding some depth to the defense and special teams. We will see just what kind of decisions Jerry Reese and the Giants organizations make come free agency/draft day.



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